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Local Dealers are the Backbone of Local Economies

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), new-car dealers provide 1 million jobs nationwide. An average new-car dealer employee salary is $53K per year and that includes benefits. In addition, local new-car dealers help create an additional 2 million ancillary jobs in the media, construction and financing industries.

New-Car dealers also provide tax revenue. NADA states that nationally, new-car dealers make up 15% of the local tax base, providing for schools, police and fire services. According to a recent Chicago Automobile Trade Association member survey, CATA dealers contribute, on average more than $5.5 million dollars to the local tax base each year. 

Chicago Automobile Trade Association Partners with Dealer Members and Local High School Districts to Pilot an Automotive Technician Program

Due to a widespread shortage of qualified, trained automotive technicians seeking jobs within dealerships, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA), the area’s new-car dealer association, is piloting an Automotive Technician Program to help connect local high school students with dealer members. 

As an association made up of more than 400 new-car dealers, the CATA feels a responsibility to help educate young, local individuals regarding the benefits of working in a car dealership and help bridge the connection between local high schools and its dealer members who are actively seeking auto technicians. 

The CATA began the pilot program in January 2020 (just prior to the global pandemic) with its dealer members in targeted communities. The CATA is continuing the program but has modified it to become virtual, due to the current landscape.

If you are a CATA dealer interested in speaking during an upcoming virtual video presentation (run by the CATA), or if you are an educator interested in partnering with the CATA on this initiative, please contact CATA’s Jennifer Morand at ( or 630-424-6084).

If you are a student interested in learning more about a career in automotive technology and/or seeking a job as an automotive technician within a Chicagoland car dealership, you can also contact Jennifer Morand at the email address or phone number listed above.

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